Where to Stay in Israel


Israel Hotels

As an Israeli Tour Guide, I spend a considerable amount of time sleeping in hotels with my guests. The choice of Hotel-Accommodation depends on each tour group’s budget, with options ranging from high-end hotels to more budget-friendly choices. This experience allows me to make well-informed suggestions with regards to Hotels in Israel. On this page, I have put together a comprehensive list of accommodations throughout the entire country. This list is organized according to the system used on Booking.com, which rates hotels from “Superb” to “Good”. Each hotel listing also features a “Reserve” button, which will allow you to access the hotel’s detailed information.




I am very proud to have been awarded the Travelers‘ Choice Award 2023 by Tripadvisor. This desired award honors providers in the tourism industry, who have continuously received excellent reviews throughout the last year and who thus belong to the top 10% of best providers worldwide.

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